Conscious Business is about people who are aware of the impact their habits and actions have on their organization and their environment. Conscious Businesses are run by people

· Who know about their strengths and weaknesses, and
· Who are ready to conduct business in a more engaging and inspiring way.

Conscious Businesses require authentic leaders that do not exercise dominance and control to reach a goal, but who are of service to the business, its people, its customers and the community. Leaders, who inspire with inner strength, clarity and direction, and who provide an environment for personal and organizational growth.

Why Conscious Business?
IBM’s Global CEO Study states that businesses are confronted with unprecedented changes and complexity. Increased competition from emerging countries, global geopolitical and resource crises, and the need to engage employees on a deeper level demand that we change the way we conduct business.

The old leadership model of Dominance and Subservience is obsolete. Organizations have discovered that inspiring employees to reach peak performance is significantly more effective than pushing or controlling them.

Conscious Businesses inspire their employees, customers and investors and engage them on a deeper level. Conscious Businesses enhance their efficiency due to a dedicated and empowered workforce. They become preferred providers of goods within a trusted community of businesses and customers.

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Peter Matthies, Founder CBI
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