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CBI Management Consulting employs new approaches originating from state-of-the-art systems thinking and brain research. CBI consulting re-defines traditional management consulting practices, which typically focus on pragmatic elements like financials, operations, margins, or a company’s strategy, but often leave the human being out of the equation.

CBI Consulting places the human being in the center of success. In truly inspiring companies, leaders and employees are emotionally engaged and fully support “their” company. While emotional engagement alone cannot guarantee success, no true and lasting success comes without it!

This new consulting approach strengthens and balances the 3 central forces of any successful and inspiring organization:

The Physical Force: Processes & Operation

The Inspirational Force: Strategy & Mission

The Emotional Force: Purpose, Team Alignment & Organizational Values

Our research shows that businesses exhibiting strength and balance in these 3 areas deliver outstanding results and are driven by an engaged and inspired workforce.

The CBI consulting approach has been developed based on 75 years of business experience from Venture Capitalists, Turnaround Managers, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants and Leadership Coaches.

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